Greeting from Pastor Bill

Dear Coosa Friends in Christ–

I’ve talked with some of our Coosa Church leadership about opening up for worship and other activities in the wake of the Corona virus lockdown.

Since so many of our members are over 65, we fall into Governor Kemp’s category for mandatory “sheltering in place.”

As of now, the earliest date we could open again will be after June 12. If Gov. Kemp changes that, then we will want to consider changing our plans as well.

We want to open our church as soon as possible, but we also want to keep our members safe and we want to adhere to lawful regulations for meetings and activities.

When we are able to attend worship together, we are considering having outdoor worship, probably in the upper parking lot. You would be able to stay in your car or bring lawn chairs.

Our goal for opening worship is to follow health guidelines and be practical in ways that will be safest for our most vulnerable members.

If you would be agreeable to attending an outdoor service at Coosa as we seek to open up again, please let us know by saying “yes” to this email. This will give us an idea of the size crowd we might expect.

Many persons may choose to stay home, and that is perfectly fine. We will also continue to offer Facebook Live services on Sunday mornings at 10 o’clock as well.

Thank you to all the faithful people of Coosa Church! We will get through this quarantine and continue to Proclaim Jesus Christ and Make Disciples at Coosa UMC. Glory to God!

–Pastor Bill